Cygma rebrands two new divisions

The two new divisions in the Cygma Group’s stable, Cygma Managed Health Care and Cygma BPO have been rebranded with their own colours. Whilst there was initial objections to the rebranding due to cost, both these divisions are fairly young and not a lot of capital have been invested in either of them.

The Professional Services division will keep the original Cygma colours.

According to Group founder and CEO, Rudy Maritz, each colour represents a different state of mind. Blue for instance, represents trust, something one would expect from a professional service provider such as an attorney or tax consultant.

The two new colours green and purple both are very applicable. The Health Care division has been branded green because of the colour’s healing power. The BPO division, with its purple logo represents luxury and money, and that is one the key benefits of outsourcing; the luxury of time to focus on core business activities to improve the bottom line.

The basic design of the logo, with the Sigma sign in the centre, will remain unchanged as “the total of everything” is Cygma.

On the question of further expansion, Maritz responded that “Cygma will remain in the services sector for the forseeable future, but opportunity does not pick at which door it knocks; one never knows. I think I have enough to do for the next 10 years to retirement. Besides, this business is sexy; it gets better with age and have grown on me since 2001.”