Cygma to vote on the future of its PECB Partnership

The weak Rand and SA’s junk status has forced the Group to review its international partnership policies.

One of the partnerships which may be axed is the Canadian based PECB.

In terms of this partnership all logistical costs are carried by Cygma, while the PECB provides the training material and certification of persons in terms of ISO 17024. The Group will decide on the future of this partnership as the current exchange rate makes it too expensive for SA candidates.

In addition, the partnership is non-exclusive and there are 18 other companies in SA offering the same service.

The next Board meeting is on 30 June, when the final decision will be communicated with the respective parties.

Back home, the company is cutting down on its operational costs in order to provide more resources for product R&D. It is also revising its Procurement Policy to reduce restrictive BEE requirements.