We have a number of franchises available in South Africa.

We offer a very unique franchise structure, excellent purchasing mechanism and a 3 year written buy-back if you do not achieve a certain level of earnings.

Available Cygma Franchises

Our current franchises are limited to the Labour Law Consulting sector only. There are three to choose from and only 5 franchises are available in each business.

Cygma SHEQ – provides professional SHEQ support services and includes 4 specialist business units.

  • Safety Engineering
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Environmental Science & Engineering
  • Auditing & Certification

These specialist business units are also available as a business opportunity from the Franchisee.

Cygma Consult – provides Human Resources Management Services

Cygma Marine – provides Health & Safety services to the Maritime industry.

Master Franchises

For the serious business professional we offer a master franchise in any category above. This will entitle you to sell franchises in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Kenya or Tanzania. A Master Franchisor must have the following:

  1. 10 or more years experience in the field of business,
  2. Appropriate qualifications
  3. Compulsory registration to practice (specific fields marked with *)
  4. At least 90 hours per month free time to assist franchisees
  5. Capital Surety of R500 000
  6. R50 000 to R300 000 cash investment, depending on franchise.

If this is you and you want us to call you for an introductory interview, send your CV to us here

Financing your purchase

If you do not have sufficient capital to purchase your franchise outright, we can allow for a payment plan on a quid pro quo basis. Details are provided in the Franchise Information documents.

Franchisee support

Our team of brand owners are experts in their field and have been hand-picked for the role to assist you in your new business. In addition to our standard online training to get you started, we also offer on-site business training for your entire management team.

Marketing & Advertising

One of the key challenges of any start-up is market penetration. In a highly competitive market, like the consulting industry, barriers of entry are much higher than it would be in fast moving consumables. Entry into the corporate arena is also extremely difficult for a business with a track record shorter than 3 years. Putting our name behind your business, gives you a 15 year jump-start as we have been in business since 2001.

Our advertising campaigns include digital & print media, targeted social network advertising and SEO. Our advertising spend increases with each franchisee joining our team as we have a two tier marketing plan, with the largest portion being spend on brand promotion.

Administrative support

Our administrative support includes accounting, payroll and recruitment. We also have a vendor list of 370 service providers in all major centres in South Africa. Should you require any assistance, you can will get it from us.

Business Plans

As franchisee, you are responsible for your own business plan. We provide you with the franchise model, the support structure and the marketing to ensure your success. We also provide you with a policy and procedures manual and on-going training. Realising that each individual is unique we have found that “generic” business plans are less useful than one developed specifically for a particular person. Your business plan can be customised and the cost is included in the purchase price. If you require professional assistance to draft a business plan for the purposes of raising finance, contact us here.

Our Buy-Back Guarantee

We know from experience that our business model works. For this reason, we are prepared to buy your franchise back from you if you do not reach your projected income within 3 years. The value of the buy-back shall in all cases be limited to the original purchase price plus interest at the prime banking rate at the date of purchase.

The process

If you want to start any of the franchises, the following process are to be followed:

  1. You will have to send us an expression of interest in writing via email.
  2. We will send you a Non-disclosure agreement and a 3 week reservation letter. During this period you can study the franchise model and decide if you want to proceed. You will also be subjected to a 1 hour interview and Q&A session. If we both agree to proceed, the draft agreement will be sent to you.
  3. We will formalise the franchise agreement and set you up to get started.
  4. We will arrange a formal training session for you and up to 5 team members at a venue in Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg. We also provide you access to our online Library.
  5. Once you have completed the training, you can start working and earn an income as part of the Cygma team.