Investors are cautioned not to invest in South African companies managed, owned or operated by politically affiliated individuals. The level of corruption is beyond control. Already we are facing Junk status, and if these companies were such good investments, the junk status would have been avoided. The level of collusion, tender rigging, price fixing and related incidents, are mostly connected to companies on the JSE. If you prefer to support these activities by investing your money with them, please click the back button on your browser.

What this country need, is a stable Microbusiness market, where small business owners provide services and products below the market rate charged by large corporate companies, who are often top heavy.

Investing in a SME is an investment in one or more individuals, not some Three letter acronymn on the Stock Exchange. Investing in people, is both a personal and humanitarian action. It carries the risk of failure, but with it is the personal interest of the individual to make it work, the dedication of families and the pride of the success.

How we handle investments

We use investments to fund the acquisition of franchises offered by the Group. A potential franchisee may not have the capital to purchase a franchise outright. In many cases, they are also unable to secure conventional capital from commercial banks. They are therefore very much depended on venture capital. The Group assists potential franchisees from the Venture Capital provided by private investors.

See our Franchising page for more information on selling prices.

Funding are made available after the potential franchisee has provided a Credit Report and Balance Sheet together with a Deed of Surety. The funds are then invested at a commercial bank and used as surety for a loan to the franchisee. We also provide assistance to the franchisee to draft a business plan.

Currently an investment of $2000 is adequate to fund a new business opportunity in South Africa.