Our Business Structure

The Cygma Group South Africa is a diversified Services Company and includes Cygma Internazionale SRL in Milan, Italy with a North Africa & Middle East office operating out of Bucharest; Romania.

The South African business owns the majority share in Cygma International.

The history of each of the companies in the group are available on their respective online portals

Cygma offers a unique industry for investors, regardless of experience in Venture Capital market, with reasonable returns and moderate to high risk options. All our businesses operate on a low cost, and profitability is mainly affected by competitive markets or slower economies.

Focusing primarily on the Business to Business segment, some entities in the Group have been steadily growing their Consumer markets too.

Cygma’s business model is easily replicated into its divisions and subsidiaries, depending on local company laws and securities rules and offers affordable start-up options for entrepreneurs all over the world, in various professions and stages of their careers.